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Grab ya Powerfish Merch here ya dogs
Thanks for the ongoing support ❤️
Love FISH.



  1. Hey mate! Is that a new mask? Listen. I found one of your older ones at Maitland outside a police station. I'm not even fucken with ya. Hope your doing good ya dog!

  2. Might go good with some spuds ya dogs ! Get it in ya! Week as piss !
    I remember the first time some one offered me roll mops the first thing I saw was an eye in the jar but still tried some! For someone who likes man on man action thought you wood of swallowed like the champ your are! Anyway keep going hard! Let me know where the bust ups are thanks !
    Love the spuds from sunny Western Australia 🤟

  3. Oh fuck…. I swear people only buy this shit to challenge each other and make funny videos. Who in their actual fucking right mind would eat it because they enjoy it.

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