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Willem Powerfish – The Butterfield Effect 009

On this week’s episode of The Butterfield Effect, I’m joined by Willem Powerfish, to chat about how he got his start on YouTube, drugs and mental health, and whether or not he’s had a man.



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  1. Jetty talks – about current events would be such a great thing, some "empty dude" throwin out real thoughts with real bloke consequences would be….thought provoking. This is a fantastic interview.

  2. I remember smoking marijuana for like 5 years, and one week it just realised how anxious I was becoming because of it, can’t touch it anymore because it just doesn’t work for me, that and any substance, speed, alcohol, all substances just don’t work for some of us and I feel for anyone struggling. Hope your being strong and never stop quitting and keep trying to better yourself and get through everyday with a smile of success. Gym has helped a lot and fishing ever since seeing Willem fishes for mental health. ❤️

  3. Agree on the Weed shit lads.
    I started smokin it at 13 back in the early 90's and it fucked me up worse than anything else i took later, which was a LOT (was a Pro DJ in the 2000's)
    Im 40 now, off all the shit for years now, and my only regret in life is that i smoked Weed at that young age
    Some people can do it all day forever, i am not one of them, thank you for putting it out there ya DOGS!

  4. Awesome interview guys! Willem Powerfish, keep being you, i need more! I just watched that video of you driving the rc speedboat around that dude in the boat!!! I haven't laughed that hard in ages, my guts hurts, and then he snags it with his rod and pullin it in and you keep powering away and the kids rod's bending he wanted that fucken boat lol! and the escape, dude that video was bloody wild!. Get a fucken dog up ya, catch a bloke and a flatty at the same time… have ya done that yet Powerfish? A flatty bloke caught with roast chicken bait.. The bloke had a chook up him.

  5. one of these fellas is naturally a funny fucker because hes just being himself,he doesnt think hes funny but hes got THE FUNNY he has it in hes dna ,the other one is the interviewer who needs to ask questions listen and stop talking about himself so often

  6. yo isaac you got the wrong flathead record picture up. you showed a screenshot of American flathead catfish. but willem is talking bout the dogs that like look like crocs then they go dog on dog croc on croc.

  7. Hi
    Thanks guys for the vids awesome. This one especially. Really addressed issues we all face as blokes. Met will a couple of times at the ramp always been nice to me and couldn't believe I went out in the swell i did. But you're both funny as Elmo eating cookie monster out. This video just confirmed how good Aussie's you are. Us Aussie with a real sense of humour get you both. Keep it up boys and alway check your bum for grubs, you might just have enough to go fishing.

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