Why Are Wild Parrots Disappearing in Miami? | Short Film Showcase

In Miami, conservationist Daria Feinstein is on a mission to save the beautiful Blue-and-yellow Macaw—before it’s too late.
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Since the species is not native to Florida, they are not protected by state law and poachers can legally capture the birds and their chicks for the lucrative pet trade. Watching the local population dwindle, Feinstein fights to raise awareness and protect her beloved birds for future generations in this short by Day’s Edge Productions (

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Why Are Wild Parrots Disappearing in Miami? | Short Film Showcase

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  1. Florida, you were given a gift from God from the wreckage of a hurricane. Don't do this again. You already lost your native parrots once. Don't lose your new ones.

  2. I feel like There should be more Wild Parrots in Florida. I love the tropical vibes. That's how it should be! I prefer them than BORING Dirty Pigeons

  3. My parrot showed up on my porch earlier in Florida, he’s an endangered yellow napes Amazon, he’s not from Miami, he’s from Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, etc.

  4. Catch a bird for free, use them to breed, make money with low investment- that is actually a good business plan. How much you wanna bet that her pet birds came by this way…smh

  5. I own a yellow naped that recently ate a gummy candy I found out because I saw blue in his beck i left quickly I went to my room and cried because I thought that it probably get stuck in his throat intill I found out he didn’t die it was just stuck on his beck I hate poachers what happens if you get poached stupid human

  6. Here in my city is so common to see Macaws flying around, we had a project to rescue and let these lovely birds go back to nature, but they always come back to the city. They're native birds here. Everyone knows they shouldn't feed them so the bird won't have the chance to get attached or come back just looking for food…

  7. It is definitely poaching
    People shouldn’t be allowed to catch these birds as it’s difficult to care for them and not all people know how to or understand them well enough.
    Thanks for the video
    Hope the poaching is brought to an end

  8. i honestly don't understand why poeple feel the need to resort to paoching…most parrots do so well in captivitiy its relitively easy to captive breed them….its not ethical,nor necisarry to take them out of the wild.

    to anyone who lives in florida,if you truly want one of these birds,but cannot afford one from a propper breeder, build an open-aviary in your yard or on your roof or balcony and attract these birds,letting them come and go as they please…most parrots are curious if not outwardly friendly toward poeple,even in the wild…try and befriend them,they may come and visit you on a regular basis and you can enjoy companionship with them without keeping them in a cage.

  9. imagine there was thousands of them competing against the native species…think about the long causes and effects. this lady probably released a few of them

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