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Why a Simple Teardrop Trailer is the Perfect Adventure Vehicle | Outside

We ran into Rob Reeve of Denver, Colorado at this year’s Overland Expo West and got a tour of one of his custom-built 5-by-8 teardrop trailers– a compact and affordable RV alternative that can be pulled by almost any car.

Rob’s company, Hiker Trailer, produces lightweight and affordable teardrop trailers that can pack in everything you need to experience the outdoors in a compact, streamlined space. The 4-by-8 model starts at just $2,894 (while most similarly sized campers can cost around $15,000) and weighs only 640 pounds. The 5-by-8 model he shows us is a deluxe build for customer Sarah Harris, featuring two doors, interior cabinet space, a queen size bed, awning, and rear door with additional storage.

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  1. If you think you have a quality product to show off on YouTube, then have a quality cameraman. The constant rumbling of the wind noise of your camera mic makes this video appear to be amateurish. Looks like someone was too cheap to use a dead-cat mic.

  2. How do you have a queen sized bed in a 4 by 8 camber? If its a 5 by 8 ,that is 5 by 8 to the outside…This seems pretty reasonable at $2895. Or is it ?

  3. Now this what I’ve been looking for! A no frills trailer I can customize for my needs! I use a wheelchair however I’m an avid hunter n outdoorsman and very mobile with all terrain wheelchairs. Dr David

  4. I'm building something similar. I bought a used 60" flat top sleeper cab for $300 that came off a mid-90's Kenworth. Currently building a 5'x8' trailer to mount it on. The opening that used to be the front access to the truck cab will now be the right side so I am going to build a door to fit that original opening. The interior is complete with a twin bed, closet, shelves, and a place to install a TV. There is also under bunk storage. The sleeper cab is aluminum with a one piece fiberglass roof. Should make for a durable offroad camper trailer to pull behind my Jeep. Better than sleeping in a tent…

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