Where do you park big moving trucks, if you’re moving to a place in the cbd?

Good morning melbournians!

I hope you’re all doing well in this climate.

Wanted to ask a (potentially stupid) question, but I’m looking to move into an apartment in the CBD, it’s an older heritage building, and I couldn’t find any space around it where I could see the moving truck being parked at. There’s a Wilson parking about a 2 minute walk down, but the clearance for the height of vehicles, seem to be rather low. Just wondering if anyone’s encountered something similair when moving into the CBD and how their moving truck was parked.

Info (in case it’s necessary)

1) my apartment is on a main road (no stopping), and a one way lane.

2)I’ll be using a moving company, and thier trucks are quite tall and large.

3) There’s no concierge or anything in the apartment.

Thanks in advance and apologies if there’s been a similar post, – I tried looking for one, but couldn’t find any answers for the life of me.

Thank you! and stay safe 🙂

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