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WFH Melbourne

I’m not sure how well informed people are on this topic, but I need to know how people are going with working from home Post-2020. I’m looking at finding work in a WFH job locally but I need to know what the current situation is for most people.

For context, I work casual for an agency that is involved in the sports and entertainment section of Melbourne, and I recently injured my leg which has put me out of work for a bit. I study full time (IT, first year) so I luckily qualify for Centrelink but am looking to move to a role which I can still work and have some spare money after rent/food.

Is work from home still happening? If so, what industries are still doing it and better yet which of these has entry level roles in Melbourne that would allow for flexible hours? I know it’s a big ask but this injury is driving me crazy with how much work I am missing out on **after** missing out on a full year thanks to the pandemic.

Cheers in advance.

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