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Wackiest Oscar Gowns Ever! See Failed Fashion Of The Past Before Tonight’s Show

Tonight’s 92nd annual Academy Awards are sure to be the biggest celebrity fashion parade of the year, but in the past, the prestigious show has been marred by bizarre outfits!

Last year’s ceremony featured such stars as Kacey Musgraves and Sarah Paulson in poufy gowns that should have stayed in their closets.

Singer Bjork‘s infamous “swan” dress from the 2001 Oscars, complete with an egg at her feet, is the most extreme example of a fashion no-no, but many believe she meant it as a joke.

Other stars, such as Lady Gaga sporting long red gloves in 2015 that looked appropriate for washing dishes, likely just wanted to look fashion forward.

Cher‘s 1988 Academy Awards headdress paired with a midriff-baring dress was polarizing, with some fans thinking it was over the top and others praising her daring.

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