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Unpopular opinion

Windows are better than aircon on trams.

Everyone agrees that the boxy 1970s/80s era trams are the best — in terms of seat comfort, space, the blue stop string, and style — compared to the newer sleeker models. But I think among those models more people prefer the B-class (two boxes stuck together with a bendy accordion) to the A-class and Z-class (single box), becuase of the aircon and the info screen.

While the info screen on the B-class in nice, it doesn’t beat openable windows on the A-class and Z-class. It’s so nice to feel the breeze as the tram trundles along. And it feels like you have contact with the outside, rather than being in a hermetically sealed box. Plus, it’s becoming rarer to have windows on PT in highly developed cities, so it retains an old-timey quaintness which I like too.

tldr. Windows on trams are the best. A-class and Z-class are master race of trams.

ps. Even more unpopular opinion. I agree that the D-class is the absolute worst tram, but *if* you can get a seat, it is nice to have that bit where the wheels are as a shelf for your backpack.

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