Truth Exposed! Bethenny Frankel Reveals She Only Stayed On ‘RHONY’ For The Money

Money or happiness?

Bethenny Frankel had to choose between the two ahead of her Real Housewives of New York City exit and she opted for the latter.

The former Bravo star, 49, explained the reasoning behind her decision in leaving the reality show.

“Well, it’s exhausting and emotional. People across the franchise will tell you they develop anxiety, and it’s very stressful,” Frankel told Variety. “And that’s not how I am in the relationships that I’ve cultivated over the years.”

“I have a real career. So it’s really hard when we’re not covering that what I’m really doing is my career, because I then have to do the show and my real career,” she continued. “So if we’re just showing me having lunches and on vacations, then I’ve got three jobs — because I’ve got to be a mother too.”

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