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The Way They Were: Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s Relationship Timeline

As quickly as Amber Heard and Johnny Depp burned bright, they just as speedily split up. Although their marriage lasted just 15 months, the battle in courts and in the court of public opinion continued.

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The bodaciously beautiful people met on the sun-soaked set of The Rum Diary. Their cinematic chemistry was as hot as the Cuban locale where the flick was filmed. Depp had previously been partnered with French actress Vanessa Paradis for 14 years, and they had two children together — Lily-Rose Depp and John Christopher Depp III.

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Headline-grabbing rumors about the new couple were everywhere. They had a fierce and fiery marriage. From the moment they met, through their contentious divorce proceedings and legal entanglements that still ensnarl both celebrities, we present the definitive chronicle of the whirlwind romance and equally as swift demise that was Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

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