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The Bra Lady Gaga Loves With Nearly 3,000 Reviews

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When you read the words “T-shirt bra,” what do you picture? Something very basic and plain, right? Nothing that makes us feel special, and nothing exceptional when it comes to fit or support. Just something to get us by in everyday life that won’t stand out underneath our clothes. It’s true; there are many T-shirt bras that fit that description perfectly. But then there’s this Natori bra.

The Natori Feathers Underwire Contour Bra is nothing like our other T-shirt bras. It’s an upgrade, and then another upgrade on top of that. This bra is so great, it’s been spotted in shows like Riverdale, and in real life on A-list celebrities like Lady Gaga! There’s a reason (or a million reasons) this bra has nearly 3,000 reviews, and we’re getting to the bottom of it.

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Gaga wore this bra in black to Mark Ronson’s Club Heartbreak Grammy after-party earlier this year with fishnet tights and a studded blazer, proving it to be fabulous with or without a shirt on top of it! This bra has become an immediate favorite for so many shoppers, who are saying it’s the most comfortable, and also the nicest bra they’ve ever owned. We don’t often see “most comfortable” and “nicest” used together to describe the same piece! Reviewers love how it’s so beautiful, but still offers major support for a great fit that ultimately helps their clothes look better!

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