THE BEATLES Every little thing

THE BEATLES Every little thing by Jaime Zamalloa

I leave you a version of a magnificent song by The Beatles called “Every little thing”. This version is recorded by me, Jaime Zamalloa, in all voices. Paul McCartney wrote the song in a music room at Jane Asher’s house, where he was living at the time. It was a bit unusual for the Lennon-McCartney duo that the singer was not the main songwriter but this song was recorded by John Lennon as the lead vocal and in this case, it was sung by me, Jaime Zamalloa, as a tribute to John and Paul of course. Beatles has been the best world group of all time for me. Since I liked his songs so much now I allow myself to record and enjoy them. Love and peace for all by Jaime Zamalloa.

Os dejo una versión de una magnífica canción de The Beatles llamada “Every little thing”. Esta versión está grabada por mi, Jaime Zamalloa, en todas las voces. Paul McCartney escribió la canción en una sala de música en la casa de Jane Asher, donde vivía en ese momento. Era un poco inusual para el dúo Lennon-McCartney que el cantante no fuera el compositor principal pero esta canción la grabó John Lennon como voz principal y en este caso, la canto yo, Jaime Zamalloa, como homenaje a John y a Paul por supuesto.The Beatles ha sido el mejor grupo mundial de todos los tiempos para mí. Como me gustaron tanto sus canciones ahora me permito grabarlas y disfrutarlas. Amor y paz para todos por Jaime Zamalloa.



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