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TANTRA MASSAGE DUBAI sensual Tantric relaxation

A beautiful Tantra massage service in UK we. British M Celia Tantric Yoga therapy and in the Marina Dubai..

We will have Tantric yoga Hatha yoga studio. Certified. DUBAI and spa 2020 with licensed. High standards in Massage therapy. we offer London Tantra at our centre location is in London mayfair. Or Zurich and Amsterdam Monaco and Cannes France.. also Bahrain Spa.

For Dubai you would need to contact for availability there.
For Tantra yoga and Tantric excerise yoga. To learn tantra massage on a recognised course. Kindly contact for registered certified professional therapist for authentic Tantra massage. Using the White Kundalini massage technique

Our centre is in London / Dubai has luxury spas and Tantra massage is available there as a white relaxation massage method.. There are many forms of Tantra.. in different countries. Tantra Dubai is the relaxation and authentic energy one this is a relaxation and rejuvenating version which is suitable for licensed spas in Dubai 0561030414 international appointments number

“Red Tantra massage” the sensual spiritual version is available at our centre off Cadogan Square Belgravia London.

We use the name ‘Dubai’ to give homage to that amazing city! it is a positive place full of energy.. with everyone visiting the desert to also enjoy spiritual bliss. So thats the reason for the you tube title. KUNDALINI is a spiritual energy akin to all Yogas. Dubai has this positive energy!.. vibrant city.

and luxury Kundalini UK massage spa or email

For spas world wide.. who has certified in genuine Tantra.. we list on the below site. You can telephone free the UK information number for worldwide.
Or contact for recommended Spas in Dubai who offer White Tantra massage. Licensed.

FOR TANTRA SPAS MASSAGES AND YOGA international locations

contact the site also local numbers.

Or you may request a top London Zurich or Amsterdam based therapist for Tantra or Tantric yoga or massages or training or courses in the website below:

Karamsutra Tantric Yoga for couples classes and courses are held in London and Zurich Amsterdam. Therapeutic advice massage center also in Zurich. We hope to have 2019 Jumeirah Dubai UAE spa for yoga.. and training.
We use the name Dubai.. because it symbolises energy and beauty.

Tantra is a spiritual blissful massage. 3000 years of history and more. A healing energy therapy of sensuality, warmth, in its massage form it is a joyful pleasure awakening, the full body of the receiver is filled with ecstasy to Kundalini positive energy. A complete rejuvenation.

Tantra and Tantric Yoga courses are held throughout the world and also we hope in 2020 to have yoga training centre in the corniche in Abu Dhabi. UAE. Our therapists are gifted Fully certified therapists and Osho cert. Society of Tantra.

This we remind you is a genuine Tantra Yoga and therapy and Massage UK. We do not do fake Tantra or the extras false tantra as seen by many dubious fake sites from the worlds oldest profession! seen in Dubai or anywhere else its not that. This is Authentic Genuine!

Contact for a European Tantric Yoga class in. London Amsterdam Zurich Geneva and Monaco for a therapist. Recommended massage thats licensed in Dubai only.

00447904672356 for enquiries




  1. They really raised the standards in Tantra Massage.. congratulations on your latest accreditation in UK. You have so many fans in Dubai. You are an inspiration to everyone in massage and the Tantric community.

  2. Thank you for all your support.
    We offer free classes. Plus 3 x Types of Tantra massage. 1. Healing Tantra. White Tantra beautiful spiritual spa treatment. 3. Red Tantra the London sensual version. 4. DAKINI Goddess Red Tantra longer 2 hours plus which covers Tantra techniques energy healing. Also rituals and sensuality.

  3. Shes a brilliant therapist. We had in JBR Dubai last week. She is Better than the video. Relaxing Tantric massage. Far better than I have ever experienced. Thank God a Genuine Tantra
    I have massage everyweek

  4. I like all your new videos. Just watched all the channel. I met you years ago I remember. Glad to see you are still keeping Tantra Massages going.. Really want to have another amazing experience. I left Dubai now we are in Arnhem NL. Tantra here is not same. British Tantra is my preference

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