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Something to do this weekend?

Hi all, I know there’s already a post of the top of the sub, but it doesn’t seem like there’s much on it.

I had a look at the Visit Brisbane website but all I could see that was on is the Sound Society Event at Roma St Parklands on Sunday which looks really good.

I’ve basically had a really bad week with depression and feeling incredibly lonely and dejected and don’t want to just be alone all weekend. I know that sounds a dumb reason, but I just wanted to ask if they knew anything that was on around Brisbane.

I’m into stuff in the like park events, music, exhibitions or anything where you can relax and just sit down or walk around and chill out. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of money left until payday so it can’t be anything to pricey.

Thanks again for any suggestions and sorry if it’s bit of an annoying thing to ask

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