Shocking Photos: ‘Mighty Ducks’ Actor Shaun Weiss Arrested For Burglary While High On Meth

Shaun Weiss, the actor best known for his role as Greg Goldberg in the 1992 sports drama The Mighty Ducks, was arrested this weekend while high on meth.

On Sunday, January 26, police found the shamed star, 41, inside a car which was parked in the garage of a private home.

“The homeowner said he was the only person that lived at this residence and no one had permission to be inside,” the Marysville Police Department wrote in a press release shared on their Facebook.

“Marysville Police arrest suspect for a residential burglary in progress. Turns out Mr. Weiss was a movie star one time,” they wrote in the caption.

Weiss was taken in by police for residential burglary and being under the influence of a controlled substance. At the scene, he “displayed symptoms of being under the influence of methamphetamine and said he did not reside at this residence. Weiss also said the vehicle he was filtering through was not his,” the press release read.

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