Scary Skinny! Angelina Jolie’s Weight Plummets To ‘Barely 100 Pounds’ Amid Fight With Brad Pitt Over Their Kids

Angelina Jolie is stressed to the max as she braces herself for more custody talks with Brad Pitt — and the situation is once again affecting her appetite.

“She’s barely 100 pounds right now, and nobody around her can remember the last time she ate a full meal,” an insider exclusively told

“Food’s the last thing on her mind and she’s getting by on just fruit, the occasional bite of protein and gallons of coffee to keep her energy levels up,” continued the insider. “What makes it so bad is she thinks this is healthy.”

Jolie is especially upset that co-parenting with Pitt means she doesn’t have the freedom to flit around the world as easily as she once did.

According to the source, Jolie, 44, “has made no secret of how she wants to live abroad,” but Pitt, 56, “has put his foot down and there’s nothing she can do about it.”

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