Safety at night

Hi everyone,

Please excuse me if this question sounds offensive or weird but I am not originally from Australia, just trying to understand how to go about this.

So this is not specifically related to Melbourne, but also areas surrounding it, say Geelong, Ballarat, Yara Vallery etc. at night. Is it safe to, say, drive around mid night to a remote, dark location, with no one (apparently) in sight, away from main highway, but accessible by road and take a few night sky photos?

I am sorry again, but where I am originally from, more often than not, this type of activity will result in the armed robbery and loss of all valuables (if not worse). )

What I personally feel though is that it is much much safer here in Australia, and people do go out, often with their young families, to camp, even at lonely spots, and its mostly the animals you have to beware of, but just wanted to have opinion of Australians who have grown up here, how do you see this?

Thank You.

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