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Reality Check! ‘Sister Wives’ Star Kody Brown ‘Struggling With Plural Marriage’

Kody Brown’s polygamous marriage is in shambles, according to the Sister Wives star.

The reality star’s wives have been getting along and he isn’t fond of their close bond.

In a teaser clip obtained by UsWeekly, Kody, 51, is complaining about the difficulties of maintaining their plural family.

“When I was younger, it used to be a lot of pleasure to me when I’d see my wives goofing off and playing and having fun together,” Kody confessed as the cameras panned to a scene of the wives making snow angels together.

“I just don’t see plural marriage in the same light that I used to. I’m struggling with plural marriage and I’m struggling with my wives and I’m struggling with their conflict. We’re at a stage in our lives now where were far apart and we’re struggling with getting along.”

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