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Question about smoking rates in Melbourne

I’m from a country where if you’re an adult male, it would be more shocking if you don’t smoke (Indonesia), but having gone through the Australian school system, I’ve felt thoroughly propagandised against smoking (which is 100% a good thing) and up until now, I don’t know any Australians who I’m on friendly terms with who smoke, so I’ve always had the impression that there’s just not a lot of smokers in Melbourne. How representative is this of Melbourne and Australia in general? For reference, I went to school in Footscray where I’m sure some of the kids would’ve smoked, just that none of my friends did, and I’m a postgrad research student now, so I do mostly hang around university types.

I got thinking about this because I was surprised when an Indonesian friend who’s in the UK said that she thinks smoking rates there are nearly on the level with Indonesia – would this be anywhere near true? If there are many more smokers in the UK compared to Australia, how come there’s such a big difference?

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