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Hope you enjoy Vol 1 of this new series of POWERFISH PODCASTS featuring Brent Allchorn Simpson.
If you are feeling down or just not your self give LIFELINE a call on 131114 or txt 0477131114 from 6pm till midnight.
We can all beat this together ya dogs ๐Ÿ˜

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  1. Yeah I got some shit going on in my head also,great to see your talking about mental health issues,the day of hiding mh issues are slowly sinking into flaty holes lol.

  2. Wow what an informative inspirational video, love ya comedy makes me laugh, but your video is serious and Simpson just puts it out there, been there done that. Lost a few good mates to suicide and to young and not talked about enough to know how to help until to late. My mother has had foster kids since I was about 7yr old and seen some horrific things parents have done to there children, but seen some children blossom into kids that were not kids, smiles laughs and even basic communication and interaction. Beautiful video. Love this video. Keep it going

  3. I worked with simmo on childers solar farm and my name is liam and i remember he was an absolute legend and someone i still look up to even though I havenโ€™t had the chance to communicate with him since I remember the first time he really stood out to me as a top bloke on blokes was when i was working my ass off to the point my feet were not in fine form lets just say that from doing so many kmโ€™s around the solar farm on foot that i had to sit down for 30 mins so i sat in the porta loo and i had a knock on the door and it was simmo and the way he understood and respected my commitment and how i wanted to keep on going as to not let down everyone there and he was a big part of why i wanted to seriously do the best that i could do and give it my all because he was our team leader and made sure we were doing well with work and with living and mental health he looked after us even though he was in himself human he was the power we needed to keep on going at times and someone to look up to for the younger fellas on the site in my instance at least, simmo if youโ€™re seeing this i just want to know i miss you mate and in my hard times at the moment with loss of work and loosing my brother which was shot by police SERT yesterday and watching this has helped me so much to be able to get through the day knowing everything will get better, youโ€™re one of a kind mate and for you powerfish, keep getting them dogs and blokes on blokes in your forte and to bloody funny mate youโ€™re an inspiration to us all ya mad dog๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  4. Tell us about the Prison Officer you hit… Is he a better person? You are a just another thug who came good eventually. I will applause you for speaking out. I hope some of the young guys will learn from this insight.

  5. Dudee almost 100k on YouTube that's alot of blokes!!! So happy for you man love your vids and voice for mental heath thanks for keeping the vids up!!!

  6. Mate heard your podcast with the battsman and you were talking about maybe doing a podcast. Fantastic do it again Iโ€™m right behind you as a fellow fishermen, Gold Coaster, And fellow mental health sufferer well done keep going youโ€™re a champion. Tim

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