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Parking in the CBD

So today I had the misfortune of needing to be in the city for an appointment at 8:30am. As I’m still avoiding public transport this meant driving in, and knowing from previous experience that parking is a pain I got into the city by 7:30 to start parking spot hunting…

Only to find they were all already full! Everywhere I looked, Hilux, Triton, generic utes and tradie vehicles everywhere. None moved for the entire time I was circling looking for a parking spot, and I suspect most didn’t move all day. There is pretty much zero parking unless you want to pay the extortionate rates of private parking lots, or unless you’re in the city before the tradies get there (6:30am or earlier).

So PSA for anyone who’s thinking of going into the city and needs to drive, it probably is better to avoid it entirely. The tradies are taking advantage of the free parking and making it impossible for anyone else to get spots unless they want to get reamed for it.

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