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Paramedic Accused Of Murdering His Wife With Poisoned Visine Eye Drops

North Carolina paramedic Joshua Lee Hunsucker has been charged with murder after authorities claimed that he fatally poisoned his wife Stacy with Visine eye drops and collected $250,000 in life insurance.

According to the Gaston Gazette, Joshua, 35, was arrested on Thursday, Dec. 19, in Gaston County on a charge of first-degree murder in the September 2018 death of Stacy, 32.

Although Stacy’s death was first reported as natural, her mother Suzie Robinson accused Joshua of cheating on her and an investigation was launched.

“We have probable cause he poisoned Mrs. Hunsucker with Visine, which caused her death,” Jordan Green, an attorney for the fraud investigations unit of the North Carolina Department of Insurance, announced in court on Friday.

An affidavit has reportedly shown that Joshua gave different versions of where he was before he discovered his wife in their home slumped over, not breathing and blue on September 23, 2018.

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