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Ozzy Osbourne Says He’s Suffering ‘Unbelievable Pain’ From Devastating Health Issues

Ozzy Osbourne’s musical performances have been severely affected by his current health issues. Surprisingly, however, he admits that the Parkinson’s disease he recently revealed he suffers from has not been his biggest issue.

The Black Sabbath frontman, 71, admitted that he’s experiencing “unbelievable pain” stemming from a fall that exacerbated a neck injury he got from a bike accident in 2003.

“I’d hit the floor at such a force that I pinched my spinal column,” the rock star told The Sun. “They had to go in and open the passage. They had to cut through nerves to get there and it’s f***ed my neck, my back, my shoulders and my arms. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as f***ing nerve pain.”

Unfortunately, the injury isn’t the only cause of his trouble. As readers know, Osbourne will be seeking medical treatment in Switzerland for his Parkinson’s.

Osbourne’s form of the disease — P2 —  is “not mainstream Parkinson’s, like Michael J. Fox’s, but a milder form,” he explained. 

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