Not On The Prowl! Taylor Schilling Refuses To Date This Year

She’s one of the most popular celebs in Hollywood, but Taylor Schilling has declared 2020 the year to be single and not mingle, has exclusively learned.

“Taylor’s incredibly popular with tons of projects in the pipeline and invites up the wazoo, but when anyone asks her out on a date or to join the party, she makes excuses and begs off,” an insider said. 

“No one can understand it because she’s a real doll and charms people left and right, but with Orange is the New Black over, Taylor’s wants an extended period of time to herself,” noted the source.

As Radar reported, Schilling garnered rave reviews playing Piper Chapman in the smash-hit Netflix prison drama during its seven-season run.

“This is the first time in a long time she’s been able to enjoy the fruits of her labor and she just wants to be alone, shop, bake cookies and read,” explained the insider, adding, “She’s very down to earth and doesn’t get what the fuss is about.”

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