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Mental Health Provider (Psychologist) Recommendations?

Hey there!
I’ve been struggling on where to start in finding someone, now that I have a referral. There are so many options, types of therapies etc, it’s hard to know where to start. Maybe others feel the same?

I got a referral for a psychologist and psychiatrist. I managed to find a psychiatrist from recommendation but have struggled with the psychologist and now it’s been maybe 6 weeks since I was referred. I have previously had mixed experienced with finding the right fit so recommendations are very helpful.

I feel a bit silly because I don’t struggle with low mood, which has normally been the trigger for me to seek help. The things I am looking for help in are in relation to time management, starting tasks (oh so much resistance), organisation, impulsiveness and feeling so overwhelmed with all the things I need to do nothing. I really want to get on top of these things so that they stop holding me back from living my life to my potential. I previously had coping mechanisms that helped me with these that are no longer accessible due to covid, and my current work DID fit well with me rarely having to do things that I find hard. Now one of my roles switched and I have had to do a lot of self motivated WFH where I spend 75% of my time trying to start what I need to do (and not getting paid for this). I need to get on top of this if I want to go back to uni to do post grad. I failed so many things at uni and even failed my dip in childcare due to not being able to do work on my own and I don’t want to make those expensive mistakes again. I feel like I need to reprogram my brain from being controlled by the instant gratification monkey to being able to work towards long term goals.

I guess I would be looking for someone who is experienced in treating adults with ADHD symptoms but also bipolar and depression. At least partially medicare funded and preferably northside (I’m in Preston). Prefer female but it doesn’t matter if they are good. Would also love to find someone who doesn’t hold the opinion that all drug use is bad.

Also maybe this is helpful for other people? So feel free to list Psychologists who might not specifically fit what I am looking for as it might be useful for someone else.

Hope this is an okay question to ask.

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