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Melbourne COVID hotel quarantine with a toddler

Hi everyone. I’m a Melbournian trying to come home from overseas now that I’m vaccinated. However I’m a bit concerned about hotel quarantine with a 1.5 year old toddler. Is there anyone who’s been through hotel quarantine (or who works there) who can give me some info? The government website has some general info but not much about baby/kid specific things.

1. My main questions are:
Do they provide stuff like a crib, high chair, baby supplies etc? Will there be a bathtub for bathing a toddler?
2. Are there ways to request a family sized room/suite so there’s more space for a toddler to run around? Do ANY of the Melbourne hotels have an outdoor space?
3. What’s the food situation like? Decent? Atrocious? Is there a fridge for storing snacks?
4. Is there any way to survive the quarantine without going batshit insane?

All stories/tips/advice appreciated. Even if you did the quarantine without a kid I’d be interested in hearing about what the experience is like. Thanks!

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