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Male to Female Sensual Massage Video Tutorial by Colin Richards of Intimacy Matters

With the assistance of our two stunning female volunteers … Holly and Anna, watch Colin Richards of Intimacy Matters teach the full body sensual massage program that he regularly gives to his female clients that combines the physiological, psychological and emotional dynamics that makes it one of the most intense sensual massage experiences a woman can receive from a man. Colin’s work as a Sex & Relationship Engineer and Sensual Masseur has been featured in Cosmopolitan and Channel 5 TV

To view, the whole female to male video tutorial and many others go to

To enjoy your own intimacy experience visit Colin’s London treatment and workshop web site go to

Webcam Session
Colin now provides webcam sessions teaching this sensual massage to you in your own home where ever you are in the world.

Contact Colin on to learn more




  1. 妳好, 我是中年熟男外约按摩师
    在新山 (JB) 上门服务, 传统日本能量式, 全身上下, 从头到脚, 各个部位都享受到非常柔和, 顺着血管按, 无需精油, 給妳最放松的按摩服務, 享受身为女性的魅力, 体验浪漫的轻松, 女士的专属服務, 也有女性生理按摩,意者预约.

    Line / We chat : sammassjb

    Hi, I am Mature Man Masseur at JB (on call), Traditional Japanese Energy Massage, Whole body , from head to toe , all parts of your body will enjoy soft and gentle massage to improve blood circulation , no oil required , feeling and experience relax and enjoyable moment , lady specialist, feminine psycho massage also available.

  2. Would like Collins give me same intimacy massage please …. Why he took his white T-shirt off at end . Did they have little more than massage to finish off…..😋

  3. I just started my own channel with guided massage videos designed for healthy relationships. I never looked around to see what was out there before! Delighted to find your channel, Colin.
    Smooth delivery! 🙂

  4. Colin Richards is a jack of all trades, the guy knows how to pleasure both a man and woman, what an interesting life! If anyone has seen this tutorial, is it worth the $110 bucks! This guy must be filthy rich by now

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