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Looking for advice on possible career change: artist to automotive painter

Hello Melbourne, I am currently a full time artist, muralist & traditional painter but with Covid and everything I’m worried about the future of work and being able to pay the bills.

Is there anyone here who works in the panelbeating industry? What’s the path to the job like?? Ideally I would be able to do part time training and then work part time on my art as I don’t want to give that up completely. Is this possible? Do apprenticeships make you work full time??

I’ve always had a love of cars and I think I would get a lot of satisfaction of making a perfect finish on a car body; thanks OCD.

Edit: I have been a graphic designer for the last 10 years before moving to full time art in the last 2-3. And I’m a bit bored of sitting behind a screen and the corporate world.

Thanks in Advance!

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