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Lodging a Tenant Filed Bond Claim with multipel Tenants

Hey Folks,

Ended our lease a couple of weeks ago and the real estate agent is dragging their heels on refunding the bond, thought I’d just lodge a claim via RBTA and get it all sorted.

Now the place I was living in was a share house, so there’s a 3 way split for refunding the Bond.

However, on lodging the claim, it only gives me the option to claim my portion, it then lets you split the rest between “Other tenants” and the “Property Manager”.

We’re doing a three way split between the tenants but there’s nowhere in the form that allows me to designate the split each tenant should get.

I called the RBTA, and by the sounds of it, we will need to lodge three separate claims sequentially (42 days worth of waiting) to claim the $1000 each if we go via this method.

Does anyone have experience with this? We may just end up claiming the whole bond for one tenant and splitting it out ourselves.


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