Knowing the rules before riding your dirt bike

ATV, dirt bikes and four wheelers made for a popular Christmas present this year. However, if you ride them in the wrong place you could end up with a ticket.

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  1. They are not made for highway it made for off-road only on dirt and sand dunes it's not to hard to load bike up instead of riding there and risky part to loose your bike gets impounded if it's on roads then most police officers have their right to your bike of streets and if ya load ya bike then there no risk about that it's not hard to use ya brains instead of looking backwards

  2. There’s a secret trick the police don’t want you to know about it’s a little peg in front of your left foot peg that if you flick it upwards you can more than efficiently disappear and not deal w their bs

  3. Dude gets a dirtbike on 13 year CHRISTMAS, and im here tryna get the cheapest bike and a license… And to add to that he quits on the next damn day he got the bike

  4. dont worry kids our local Enforcement would rather you stay at home with a fat bag of drugs . and if you dare to go have some good clean fun .. well they will be there to be sure you pay dearly.. and people wonder why cops are not safe and the public hates them… example #1 right here… he was on the trails.. and going home… the only good cop is retired or dead…. if there were good cops they would police there own first. but noo they protect there brothers in blue no matter what the crime.

  5. And people wonder why the police are hated by a good part of the public. Because they are just goons with badges and guns generating revenue for the government. When something bad happens to a goon then they want the public to care and donate $ to an officers family and medical bills. Screw them.

  6. Yet in the city. The cops are ordered to not pursue off road vehicle. Which are most likely stolen. Being that most city dwellers don’t drop 7,000 grand on a purely off road machine.

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