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Justin Timberlake To Earn Jessica Biel’s Trust As ‘Stay-At-Home’ Dad Following PDA Scandal

Justin Timberlake has a way to go before he’s earned his wife’s complete trust and being a stay-at-home dad is one approach, exclusively learned.

Jessica Biel, 37, is requesting her famous hubby, 38, spend more time at home with their son Silas following November’s PDA scandal.

“The days of Justin taking two week golf trips with his buddies to Hawaii and Florida are officially over, and that’s not going to change anytime soon,” an informant exclusively told Radar.

“The real problem here is that before this whole scandal happened, Justin was spending a lot of time on the road while Jessica was stranded in Beverly Hills, responsible for their kid, for keeping up the house,” the informant continued, while also revealing the singer’s reasoning behind his frequent getaways “and she just had to go along with Justin, who makes ten or even a hundred times as much money as her, being the breadwinner who needs regular vacations to recharge his batteries.”

Now, however, Biel’s putting her foot down and demanding some changes.

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