Jayco Seneca Super C Walk-Through | RV on Freightliner M2 Chassis

This is part one of our Super C Series. This episode is a walk through of the 2016 Jayco Seneca 37FS. Considered to the one of the more affordable Class C RVs, it’s built on a Freightliner M2 chassis with a Cummins ISB 6.7L 340 HP engine. RV Tours

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  1. QUESTIONS: Would you get a SUPER C like the JAYCO Seneca over a CLASS A GAS like the TIFFIN ALLGRO OPEN ROAD or NEWMAR CANYON STAR???
    How about comparing the Seneca to the Accolade and DYNAMAX? Thank you.

  2. I think it would be a lot better if you add 3 or 4 batteries, add 2 or more solar panels that will charge directly to your batteries and put off your propane tank cause it would be alot better of you change to electric burner less effort ,more convenient..

  3. You have the Ford F350 and F450 diesels that can haul some really heavy 5th wheels, but the RV manufacturers have stuck to the Gas models for Class A and C or Mercedes if you want Diesel..It seems to me that a well designed Class C (or even A) with the Ford Super Duty Diesel (and the Jake Brake it would provide !!) would be awesome.. and the new beefed up Ford chassis with the super cab doors (from the 2017) model would provide some interesting options…

  4. Hello, first of all I know nothing about RV'S! So glad we found you. My husband( He knows a little about it but we will learn) We have been going to RV dealers looking at some and the one we love is the Jayco precept 35 UN. We will be test driving it in a few days. As a Mom I want to make sure that RV traveling is safe and Any RV advice is appreciated. Thank you:)

  5. Nice coach but to me its not a super anything until they figure out that I hate hate hate hate the TV placement in class c's.  I know, its trivial but……one teenie little tv over in the corner so high itll cause a neck sprain and barely visible from everywhere you actually spend time in the rv isn't worthy of 230K.

  6. check the radio also, mine wasn't capable of putting xm in. had to replace hole thing. outlets stink in it only 3 in coach. no access to tv's. kids want to plug in xbox or something, good luck. and the pretty wooden box around the tvs are pretty but you need tv up all the way to hear. had to put sound bar in to fix. you can buy new for around 160-165ish. check trans, if you plan on towing. they put 2500 in and its maxed out, so no upgrades can be done without voiding warranty. the door bays are really nice, but driving down the road and they open is really fun. going thur toll plaza with door open is just want you want. hehe. and the wood work in the coach, is very nice, as long as it stays up or is put on straight. me and a few friends bought 3 at same time, I'm the lucky one with issue. they are a great riding rig, just wish mine wasn't build on a friday.

  7. The generator placement is horrible…if you need AC overnight, it looks like you'd be sleeping right over the generator. And the lack of electrical outlets is a major bummer.

    Plus, was the bedroom valance and shade missing or does it come that way?

    Awesome review, guys!

  8. Even more amazing than the price of this new Super C, and to experience the full effect of the outrageous stick-it-to'um sticker shock of today's retail RV prices, go to RVTrader where you can find a 2015 with 7700 miles on it for $145,000 and a host of older models that probably have all the bugs worked out by their previous owners for much less. What we've learned over time is that it doesn't matter how much one spends or the brand name one buys, the price difference between dealership new and first trip is incredible, especially when you consider that even the very best of them end up back in the shop to have things fixed. It's interesting that you might consider a campervan, I don't think we could do it. We could probably handle a smaller class A, or even a Super C like this one, but I dunno guys…  the vans are really small.

  9. if u get one I would suggest you make them replace hot water heater with a tankless endless truma hot water tank called aqua go. endless hot water is great. there made as a direct replacement for standard hot water tanks.

  10. WOW! What a beautiful rig. Only $239k? Your YouTube money and selling hotdogs out of your class A should get you that in no time. LOL! So you guys are really considering upgrading to a Super C or downgrading to a camper van? That is a heck of a decision.

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