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Japanese Food in Melbourne

Japanese Food in Melbourne, I’m moving over from Perth and I just recently visited Melbourne. Whilst I was there I tried a few different Japanese places but nothing quite stood up to my usual places in Perth. There is certainly more variety however in this case I guess I just haven’t found the right place.

If anyone knows Tokyo Station near Hay st. Perth, or Mr. Munchies in Mt. Lawley and knows of a place in Melbourne which serves Katsu Chicken as a Bento box or Donburi with a similar quality/taste I would be grateful. (Especially if they serve fruit with their Bento’s like Tokyo Station)

This isn’t a post bashing Melbourne Japanese food I was only there for about 4 days so I have barely scratched the surface of Melbourne’s Japanese cuisine, i’m just trying to get some help finding me some good Katsu Chicken <3.

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