We repair a vintage Moline pump organ from 1892 for a total amount of $35.00 and show you a step by step process of how we managed to get it playing again.




  1. That was a very interesting video and a very beautiful instrument! Pump organs are cool, you get the expression capabilities of an accordion and the form factor and intent of a tube organ, what's not to love? Our local parish has a pump reed organ I have roughly dated from 1905 and it works (miraculously) but it's in pretty bad shape (wood eaten by bugs, some keys get stuck, humidity, it's probably leaking air somewhere, but not much!). I was hoping to learn to repair it so I manage to get permission from the clergyman and getting it back to full speed. It's also the only "classical" organ I have access to so far, so I really want to pump it up, so to say… 🙂 Cheers!

  2. So. I was wondering did the fabric fix work? I would have though the fabric may have helped but may not have been air tight. Wouldn’t a vinyl coated material work better. Something like vinyl ulpostery.

  3. I have acquired an American one here in the UK, I'm having to pump fast and continually to keep the sound going. I think air must be escaping. If I can get it repaired I will learn to play it.

  4. to replace the ugly pieces of carpet on the pedals and get something very much similar to the original ones, you may be able to use small pieces of actual Eastern-style Persian or Turkish etc rugs … some shops in Turkey for example, sell cheap cut pieces of old rugs that have been sewn into cushions for home furniture decor and use … you'd surely be able to find similar ones here in the USA too … also, they don't have to be original rugs necessarily … there are inexpensive laminates at flooring stores that come with such old patterns as well … or simply use a new piece of regular carpet only with a better texture and color …

  5. When I had an Estey organ I could easily work on it as the peddle straps were easy to access as were the bellows. Now I have a Packard which is much more difficult and I had to have a professional replace the straps when one broke.

  6. Hey it is you again. Was looking to repair the bellows and found you again this is great thanks so much. My latest organ sounds just like this or even fainter and thought heck it can't be the bellows as I was pumping continually but maybe it is this easy. I noticed you were not fully pumping right to the bottom ? If you did would it of been louder ? P.S. This new one does not have a back on it also 🙁 So you may be onto something the split is on the bottom. Thanks again sure liking your videos

  7. Been wanting to get one of these for quite some time! I love reed organs but they're too big for my house so ive been using synths to play the organ pieces ive written

  8. My aunt and uncle had a pump organ in their old farm house in an upper floor! There was no way it would be removed unless they took it a part or cut a hole in the side of the house and lifted it out with a crane…lol. I was so fascinated by it as a child. It must have been put together in the house because there is no way it got up the narrow stairway that turned. So I imagine it is still in the house.

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