How to Amend the Soil in Your Organic Garden

John from has a special guest in his garden to share how you can blend your own soil amendments you can use to amend your clay soil, sandy soil or even your raised beds to provide your plants the best fertilizers that will feed your plants as well as the microbes in the soil.

In this episode, Josh Cunnings from the Boogie Brew company will share you you an on-the-fly organic soil base that can easily be mixxed up to enrich your organic garden.

You will also learn about the all-new Boogie Brew Pro – a two part compost tea blend that is stronger than ever for massive root growth and superior plant health that can be used in row crops, raised beds and even aquaponics.

Next you will hear Josh’s vision of community composting, community rock dust, community worm castings for all cities in the country. Finally you will hear Josh rant about large corporations, chemical fertilizers, chemical farming and what you can do to make a difference in the world today

After watching this episode, you will be learn how to create your own soil base to boost the nutrients in your garden as well as how you can take a stand and pull the rug out from under large corporations that are attempting to dominate the world.

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  1. If it hasn't happened, yet, I'm up for a J&J rant episode!
    Have really appreciated all the work that goes into these videos as I have started my own organic gardening journey.
    John Kohler for President! 🤘

  2. Hi John, where is the video of the "Super Soil" blend that Master Mark uses? I don't see it available on your YouTube Channel anymore… 🙁 I'd like to see the different ingredients so I can go ahead and invest in my own container garden.

  3. Stumbled upon your video while searching ways to amend my soil naturally. I've had an organic garden for a few years now and have never put anything in the soil other than a few new bags of manure every season. ( bought from big box store sadly – but soon to change) 😔 and liquid fish fertilizer. I'm just now starting to realize how important a good healthy soil is to the garden. Was a bit taken back when I posed a question about powdery mildew to an organic growers FB page only to have several people suggest I use Serenade. How can anyone trust them and think that it's safe to use. If I need to use a respirator, gloves, shoes & socks I sure as hell don't want to put it on something I'm going to eat!!! And yet they're legally allowed to use said product in "organic" gardens. Ugh end rant. PS. Loved the passion in Josh's rant and the dirt on his hands 😉. This is my second ever YouTube comment, so you definitely struck a nerve with me; hopefully enough that I can be a flag bearer as well. ✌💚

  4. It's true all the money fed to big companies enable control through 'donations' to governments etc. Enabling them to get their own way and monopolize the market and information. Keep up the good work and spread the word. I have started to try and learn to grow my own organically and then stumbled upon the microbiology you are preaching that is not taught in schools and the general public aren't even aware of any of it. I think most people think organic means low quality half eaten off colour food thats over priced and that it's by just spreading manure. They don't realize that there is so much more to it. I have a lot to learn so please keep spreading the word let's get it out there. I am now more than ever trying to reduce my impact and do anything and everything I can to help make a better more natural world after all it takes each individual to make the change. I have influenced now my wife to make a change and naturally our daughter is going to grow up in this way and at 3 already separates recycling and food wastes 😁 and how important bees are, loves nature and so on. I have so much minimal waste now that I barely have to put my bins out for collection as food waste is recycled it's AMAZING how much difference can be made just by composting food waste as it takes so much room in bins and landfills. Humans are killing this works and it needs to stop. We need to realize this earth is our ONLY home and need to be looked after and also that we are a part of nature and need to become a part of it and live in unison as the rest of nature does. We need to break free as you say from the plasticised domesticated lifestyles we have. After all if our comercial society stopped how many people could survive without the supermarkets?? Not many. We are now dependent on companies to keep us alive as pets rely on us… but even those animals that most humans believe are below us and not the same as us would be more able to fend for themselves then humans could. Sorry for the rant I just think what you are trying to achieve is sooo important. Thank you for all the helpful advice and wish you good health and continued growth in support on your channel and both of yours and josh's companies.

  5. Two deeply passionate self-sustained herbalists, I will have another grasshopper please. The video goes on and on. Fun but very opinionated conversation. Reminds me of Edward Abby. Do as I say not as I do.

  6. John can you do a video of you taking brix measurements of your fruit and veggies. Just want to see if all your amendments are getting solid results.

  7. Love the boogie rant!!! I’m a bit new to this revolution and you totally sparked my engine baby!!! Hey the big m rants plenty right now you guys are our source
    Also great movie recommendations

  8. I will be calling Josh tomorrow to place my first order.  Josh appears to be passionate, knowledgeable, ethical, intelligent, compassionate and honest.  I hope there are more episodes with Josh and I wish him a blessed future with kids.  I bought my Vitamix from John six years ago.  Going strong!  One year left on the warranty.  Thanks John & Josh.

  9. I’ve been adding rabbit manure, and the results have been amazing. Rabbit manure is extremely rich in nitrogen and phosphorus and is a cold manure (doesn’t burn plants).

  10. I am creating an 100% organic garden. I have been working on design and functionality creating an urban homestead, with a twist. I have made good progress in the past three years and like you I took pictures and made home made crude videos showing my concept of urban living in the Seattle, WA, suburbs. I have my minerals, soil soon to arrive, need to finish detailing the 3,000 sq foot Turkish stone patio. I am limited by weather and growing season but I am getting their. Oh, I have my worms that is going into each container, with feeding scheduling monitoring clip boards to track level and position of feeding the worms. I watch You and have gained the inspiration, I have named my garden, SERENITY, where I have my supplies, stores, and growing managed to be hidden in between what I plan on being a very unique garden. One day soon, You will receive one of my videos of the garden and see how I put your education to work, in my environment. Thank You for your dedication and no, This Was Not A Rant but just Truth. I am an example of people who are doing something about it in their daily lives to make that change. I am going to show how your four foot growing techniques I am using in the garden design. I am going vertical, I have a living wall concept being designed this summer. I have everything in ready to start mixing my soil and plaint my crop on Good Friday, in a week. A lot to do but it will be well worth it. I remember the video you made that the veggies were tested and found to be like 25 times higher in all counts of things and minerals the other tested Safeway veggie, rad dishes I think? This made me think because I am a survivor of Sudden Cardiac Death on 09/16/2015, and was legally dead for 15 minutes before I was resurrected. I will not bore folks with my after life experience but I came back driven. I meet with a pharmacist, Blood tested twice a week, see a cardiac surgeon, etc., you get my drift. I told all of them about you and we developed a medical plan that is being monitored by, My Internal Medicine PCP, and those listed above, all agreed My plain is great. I got my plain from you. 💞 I am learning what minerals are best to treat the body at a cellular level. Okay, depression, arthritis, cardiac circulation, blood pressure, etc. we are in the process of getting these mineral identified by plant intake…in other words certain plant up takes mineral absorption at varies rates. The trick I am creating is my lettuces high in what ever medically in minerals I need. This goes for all things grown matched medical illness with mineral treatment at the cellular level. They are allowing me to do this and I will be monitored medically. I will keep you posted as I develop this system.

  11. Was wondering about the biochar manly what kind of wood works best. Dirt should be dirt cheat. After learning tilling was leading to top soil loss and fertilizing was only gonna keep get more expensive. Switched to a no till organic with cover crops which should be building the soil back up. Most fertilizers only feed the plants nutrients they can take up immediately. Don't get me wrong chicken sh!t grows great plants so does pig sh!t and bat sh!t. But its high in ammonia and needs to be broke down into plant usable nitrates. So the fertilizer will need to be reapplied. Adding fertilizer adds little organic material when compared to plant based organics. Yes fertilizers add nutrients but don't stop top soil loss. So when looking at it from farming perspective it is low grade fertilizer. Fertilizer is a small supply of nutrients compared to plant based organics that feed the soil for years and years. Top soil loss is the greatest threat to American farming. Tilling greatly helps in top soil loss. The use of chemicals in farming practices helps kill off the soil releasing more of the plant based organics that let the system live. By the way most ecoil outbreaks are from animal sh!t used in fields not properly broke down. It rains and splatters sh!t back on plants.

  12. Thanks to this video, I just ordered the Boogie Brew. I'm new at gardening and hope to grow much more of my food. Thanks for the inspiration John and Josh.

  13. Yes Yes Yes! I love Mr. Josh and Mr. John together. You 2 must do a series PLEASE! Talk politics, life, plants and the future for us. it would be beautiful and very NECESSARY. Peaceful Journey

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