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Hot Oil Japanese Massage AKI Full Body Hand Expression Pijat Jepang Sensual ASMR Japan Masaje Rub

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Hot body oil massage in Japan – Therapy and beauty comprehensive. Relax, reduce stress fatigue.
ASMR therapy can help your body in many ways. Massage can reduce muscle tissue, reduce nerve compression, increase joint space and range of motion. This can reduce pain and improve function.
Hot body oil massage is also thought to trigger a relaxing reaction that reduces heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure. Improve the immune system. As a rule, it reduces the physical effects of stress.
Hot body oil massage in Japan improves blood circulation, helps provide oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and eliminates waste.
Combining natural essential oils, which have long been recognized as one of the most comprehensive beauty and care therapies, massages need only relax to keep in shape, beautify the skin, make the body sexy, Hotter and cuter. You only need to spend some time for Japanese hot oil massage daily to see the effect immediately with a slimmer waist. Reducing fat, when the blood vessels under the skin are stimulated to work harder, facilitate blood circulation, affect metabolism, help break down fat, reduce waist size. Prevent fat accumulation. Using the force of hands and Japanese Massage technique, the fat tissue heats up, does not accumulate fat and removes excess water from the body. The breakdown of fat occurs faster and acts as a natural fat inhibitor, helping to firm the skin. When you massage traditional Asian hot oil, the skin is affected continuously throughout the implementation. Once each spot cell is massaged more active than usual. Actions stimulate skin regeneration, increase elasticity, strengthen the skin and prevent significant sagging due to the aging process. Reduce stress fatigue.




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