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Hook turns Melbourne, and I wrong?

Everytime I attempt a hook turn in Melbourne CBD, I always get honked at if I don’t preform the turn as soon as the lights turn Amber. Always… Even witness this honking rage as a pedestrian.

I don’t want to risk hitting those speedy people trying to make the amber light behind me and I thought it’s a rule to wait until red and the lights of the direction you are turning change to green.

Stay stopped until the traffic lights on the road you are turning into have turned green.(copied from vic roads website)

On the vic roads website, it doesn’t necessarily state that you have to wait until the lights in the direction you were travelling turn red. But I figured it was a given, since that has to turn red inorder for the lights you are turning into to turn green.

Am I just a crazy annoying slow driver?

correction in title (Am) I wrong

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