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Hollywood Husband! Meghan Markle Ordering Prince Harry To Get In Shape For L.A. Move

Meghan Markle wants to give her husband a Hollywood makeover, can exclusively report.

Markle, 38, and Prince Harry, 35, plan on spending their summers hanging out with A-listers. “Jen [Aniston] will be up in Canada by June or July to start filming, all being well, plus there will be plenty of opportunity for them to hang out in LA once Meghan and Harry are in town,” the insider added. “They’re looking forward to getting together” in Los Angeles, but in preparation of their impending move, she wants to get him in shape.

“He’s gained a few pounds lately, especially around the face, and Meg’s ordered him to sort it out,” a source close to the couple exclusively told Radar. “That means getting back to the gym, cutting back on carbs and teaming up with a trainer every other day at the very least.”

As readers know, Meghan and Harry, 35, stepped away from their royal duties and titles and are exploring their new lives outside of Buckingham and Windsor Palaces.

They have relocated to Canada but are looking to spend some time in California.

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