Harvey Norman gift card and Optus Plan

I am a foreigner in Australia and a while ago I went to an HN store for the first time intending to buy a tablet. I wanted to really buy one until the salesman offered me their deal. So they’ll give me a $700 gift card but I have to disconnect from my current phone provider and they’ll give me a new one from Optus ($65/month for 24 months). I’m currently on a 12-month contract with Vodafone. I just thought the whole thing was a bit shady. The sales man said they will call Vodafone themselves and cancel the plan for me right there on the spot if I want the deal. Then when I was doubting the legitness of the deal, he told me he’ll add $100 to the deal so I can save more.

How legit is this actually? Has anyone tried this deal?

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