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Guide: what to do near me

“My boyfriend didn’t call me back, what should I do?” Most of us have heard ourselves asking this question at least a few times during our dating relationships. Why is it that a man can seem near perfect and then when it comes to the issue of telephone calls, he falls short? Most men just aren’t as quick to pick up the phone to call us as we are to call them. If your boyfriend isn’t calling you back when he promised he would, you’re likely calling him and questioning him about what’s going on. That’s probably not getting you the results you’d like which is a boyfriend who loves calling you and can’t wait to hear your voice. If you want him to call you more, there’s just one thing you need to be doing.

If your boyfriend won’t call when he says he will, don’t call him. Each time you pick up the phone and dial his number after he’s promised to call, you’re showing him that you’re not only impatient, you’re desperate too. You may think it’s an innocent act without consequences, but that’s just not the case. Every thing you do in your relationship with your man sets the tone for the future. If you always reach out to call him, you’re showing him that he’s already won you over. Men want a challenge and the moment they feel like they’ve captured your heart, they start to lose interest. You have to keep him chasing you until he falls head over heels for you. You can do that partially by letting him call you, regardless of how long that takes.

It’s incredibly hard to not call him if an hour or two has passed since the time he promised to call. If you can hold out and not make that call, you’ll not only reignite his interest, you’ll show him that you’re not sitting around waiting to hear from him. Once you break the pattern of always being the one to call, he’ll automatically start calling you more.


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