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Guide: things to do this weekend

A wedding is the beginning of a new chapter in life, you have to leave behind all those silly weekends with your friends, buying drinks to unknown girls in the bar and all those crazy sports you engaged yourself into from now on your responsibility increases as you are answerable to your spouse, so what are you thinking, if you still have a week left for your marriage you can relive all those movements for one last time.

So, if you are a groom to be or thinking of a Stag do for a family member or a friend then here are some of the things you can plan that you can later share with the girls and get off without much trouble. You have two options for a stag weekend either go someplace within UK or go abroad, while the former is a two or three day trip the latter would need more time, let’s consider each option one by one

Having fun within UK

Pack your bags, grab your friends and head off to a weekend full of fun and joy, you have several options to choose from several popular stag do destinations like etc

Now coming to the point things that you can do in that particular weekend, first and foremost engage yourself in sports that you would not be allowed to play once you get married like going on quad biking which is a powerful four wheeler bike that you and your buddies can go crazy on a mud- track course or go for a gorge adventure, gorge-walking where you and your mates would be thought to tackle obstacles including chute, the hole, cascade climb and thunder falls to name a few or you can shoot each other, not literally but with clay by playing clay pigeon shooting where you get real clay shooting, real guns, real shots then there is the good old river rafting at Edinburgh you and your mates can get the thrills and chills of the rafting or go racing on Rage Buggies these extremely fast buggies are raced on a mud track.

These were just some sports you can engage in and if you are looking for some international destinations then you can go to Dublin, Prague, Amsterdam or Bratislava or the good old Vegas but all these destinations comes with their unique sports and activities and price tags.

There are many agencies that can help you out with these exciting stag weekends so you can contact them and plan a weekend to remember.


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