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Guide: things to do in melbourne at night

People constantly visit Las Vegas for the newest in nightclubs and bars. Perhaps only second to New York in this country it is a city that has liquor product launches here, the trendiest in nightclubs and well if you take it down to a local level, a draught master self pour keg system for on premise use. Getting away from the crazy of the strip for a moment a few places to check out that would make for a completely well rounded trip.

-Steiners. A great local sports poker bar that has a terrific draught selection and even more so so fantastic food.

-McMullans. Great local Irish pub situated next to the Orleans. Back room for bigger parties is tricked out. Amazing sausage rolls and offering live music most nights of the week. Dallas has been there for years and always offers a smile behind the bar.

-Crown and Anchor. British pub. The Stilton Burger is tremendous, the fragrance of the cheese. Never order other than MW or more as they never get the temp right. It must be residual British guilt about mad cow almost a decade ago.

-Double Down. Dubbed the happiest place on Earth. It breathes the essence of punk. Live music pretty much every night. Great juke box. no food but why would you when you have Schlitz (in a can), bacon martinis, ass juice and if that was not enough, puke insurance. Give it a whirl.

If your own vacation or you live in Vegas and need a staycation getting caught up in the strip can be a fun thing but also can be overwhelming. Look into these and enjoy some of the real Las Vegas.


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