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Guide: things to do in brisbane city

We all have our own personal fantasies of “getting away from it all” or “breaking free of the rat race”. Well, let me tell you, that fantasy is well worth it.

I really craved adventure all of my life. I have seen and spoken to many individuals who had at one time or another, dreamed similar dreams of going out and seeing what the world was made of. But, I had also seen the majority of these people continue on in their current lives, too comfortable with how things were currently going to make any effort to travel. Or, maybe they were just too afraid of the risk.

Well, “heck!” I decided. I wanted adventure for the excitement and risk, yet I had procrastinated traveling because of the financial risk. Does that seem logical to you? I also factored in the point that if all went well, wasn’t it all worth it? Experiences only read about in books or seen in movies. The tales that you can tell to those hoity-toity non-believers who disparaged your dreams of travel. Nope staying at homes wasn’t worth it, and that was my epiphany some months ago.

From that moment on I was in constant action. I had just decided to make it work to see the world. I began preparing by saving up funds through doing any sort of odd job I could find from gutter cleaning, to photography, to marketing for chiropractic clinics and everything in between. It took me approximately 3 months and somewhere in between I bought my ticket to the Land Down Under a.k.a. Australia.

I want to mention that those few weeks of doing anything I could to save up money were extremely enjoyable. I was heavily inclined to work as hard as I could, as often as I could and do all I could just to afford the trip. Such effort made the arrival in Australia that much more vivid and exciting.

Weeks after purchasing my ticket I was on a plane and after departing from San Francisco International Airport, as well as making a pit-stop in Auckland, New Zealand, I had landed in Sydney, Australia!

Sydney is full of beautiful parks ranging from the size of a residential property to acres upon acres grass and trees. The nightlife is like no other with hundreds of pubs and dance clubs to choose from. The selection of restaurants is immense due to Australia being a melting pot of cultures especially Asian. I can go on and on and that would only cover Sydney what about other cities such as Canberra, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne?

Well thanks for asking! I made my way to Melbourne, Australia and here is my calling! To me it has all of the benefits of Sydney with a much more relaxed atmosphere.The weather is very easily bearable and the people are great, there’s nothing like Melbourne.

I’ve been here for 3 months and will soon be going to New Zealand. For what duration you ask? Well, that is irrelevant, I will stay as long as I like; legally of course.:) What will I do there? Well, whatever comes to mind and seems appropriate, from working on yachts to snowboarding the pristine mountains of the southern island I am the maker of my own fate.

If you have a desire to find out more about my travels, or maybe want some tips regarding visas or even if you have some advice for me please visit my blog listed below.

Thanks for reading folks,

Daniel Amsalem


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