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It’s the journey of our lifetime… finding and being able to pursue your purpose, isn’t it?

And for those who find it early in life, the rewards that come with it are endless.

It is a life of almost living free of trouble, of the complexities that usually come with that struggle we face, day to day, just to keep up with ‘stuff’.

This ‘stuff’ I mention is the constant battle of daily living. Getting up at the sound of an alarm bell, to race through breakfast, to sit in traffic, to get to a job we dislike or do for the sake of making ends meet.

While waiting in traffic our minds wander to what we would rather be doing. On what brings us joy and fulfillment. On what gives us that ‘buzz’ and spring in our step.

You’ve met these people who do what they love and love what they do. Those who pursue their creativity. Be it painting, drawing, sculpting, singing, playing an instrument, writing music or poetry or books.

Or other artistic pursuits such as flower arrangements, making jewellry, making clothes. And then there are those that teach. Be it yoga or meditation or anywhere where it allows us to be more present and in the NOW.

I have always aspired to be one of these people. My life, at least the first five decades of it, was dedicated to making ends meet. As a single mother I could not afford the luxury of what I termed ‘ following a dream’.

I had to be practical. I had to be sensible and realistic. And for most of us, this is LIFE. We may have responsibilities that we can’t just abandon. Wether we take care of ourselves or we are taking care of children, the elderly, a spouse or family members, we need to be realistic.

However, in today’s world, finding a way to stay committed to our responsibilities and pursue our dreams is far easier now than it ever was.

With the birth of technology, more and more people can find time to pursue their interests and passion.

Today, anyone can be an author. Its true! 30 years ago when I pursued becoming a published author it was incredibly difficult and almost impossible.

My first book was written on a typewriter. No spellcheck, no back-spacing to go into and edit.

I can’t tell you how much paper I wasted or how much liquid paper and erasing I did. Photocopies upon photocopies of manuscripts were made and sent out to publishing houses.

Sometimes the copies came back, mostly they didn’t. Letters of disappointment rolled in one by one, or letters of encouragement, saying ‘title did not suit our publishing house’.

For those who wanted to self publish, a printing house was needed and a minimum of several thousand copies would be required or it couldn’t be done.

It was expensive to self publish, but many did it in the belief and hope they could recoup their costs by selling their books.

Then there came the marketing. Well that’s a whole other story. Without a marketing campaign you couldn’t sell your books.

And so began the task of making appointments to local newspapers, local radio and television networks in the hope they would give you an opportunity for a story in their paper, magazine, or television program.

As a young author, this took up my days, my weeks, my time. Time I didn’t have. I was a young single mother and the bills needed to be paid and children to clothe and feed. The writing, that creative part of me had to be put aside for the need to be practical.

The writing came to an end until technology and the internet came about and this was the birth of a new way of living, and opportunities for people to maintain a foot in the world of making a living for practical reasons, and being able to pursue ones purpose.

We live in a world where more and more people can do this without sacrificing moving out of the home.

Today, artists, musicians, writers, poets and nearly anyone who wants to pursue anything creative can do so from the comfort of their own home.

You hardly have to move. Writers can write knowing that they can produce a book, load it up to the internet, and sell ( paperless copies, I might add!) without moving from the comfort of their chair.

Having purpose is part of our souls journey. It gives birth to a better us, who can in one lifetime have several careers. The more we are on purpose, the more opportunity we have to nurture this part of ‘who we really are’, the better human being we become on every level.


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