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Good reasonably priced BARBERS – Northern suburbs

So I usually get a skin fade/beard shape/trim when I get my hair done. But usually I fork out a good $50+ at a lot of places for a look that only really lasts 1.5 weeks max. Often they’re okay haircuts but I’ve had quite a barbers lately do pretty average haircuts. Alot of these places charge a hefty fee but are cash only or they’ll look disappointed when you want to pay card and won’t even tell you how much it is when you tap your card. One time they said “Oh we’ve turned off our EFTPOS machine for today, go to the ATM.” This is what I dislike for price I pay.

Recently I had one barber do a faded beard trim when I only requested ‘just a trim’ I realised when it was too late and my beard didn’t look great. Second last haircut I got put with a less experienced barber who ended up messing up my fade at the end and sought the assistance of another barber to mend it. They didn’t really apologise or acknowledge any mistake so I was pretty annoyed.
Alot of these barbers don’t even specify how much hair they’re taking off either, especially with beard trims.

I’ve been to Diamond Creek barber and they only charge under $35 for fade/beard which is amazing but I want to find the hidden gems.

Please don’t mention normal hairdressers either. They’re not the same.

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