Ghosting 101! Meghan Markle Helping Prince Harry Snub Harsh Critics After Royal Exit

Meghan Markle is teaching her husband, Prince Harry, how to cut off some of the “backstabbers” who revealed themselves following couple’s royal exit —and he is taking notes, can exclusively report.

Harry, 35, desired to get rid of anyone unsupportive of his and his wife’s decision, so he sought assistance from Meghan, 38, who is known for her divalike ways.

He wants to purge all the backstabbers who have come out of the woodwork and criticized them since the announcement,” a source exclusively told Radar. “Meghan has been helping him delete these people from his life, not just via social media but wiping their numbers and addresses from his contacts book and shredding any photos or letters they may have exchanged over the years.”

Radar readers know Meghan and Harry took the world by surprise when they announced they would be stepping back from their duties as senior members of the royal family.

The bombshell news resulted in chaos and tension among the royals, and the family held an emergency meeting to discuss and work around Meghan and Harry’s shocking decision.

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