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Former ‘What Not To Wear’ Star Stacy London Comes Out Of Closet With Galpal

Former What Not to Wear co-host Stacy London has announced she’s in a gay romance. In a New Year’s Instagram post on Tuesday, London, 50, shared her “incredible joy” with fans, revealing that she’s been dating musician Cat Yezbak for more than a year.

London wrote that it’s her “first serious relationship with a woman.” The clotheshorse gave numerous people fashion makeovers with co-host Clinton Kelly on the TLC reality show from 2003 to 2013. London also appeared on Love, Lust or Run.


She noted in her caption with a photo of Yezbak on why she previously had kept their couplehood quiet, “I haven’t paraded her around on social media for several reasons: 1) I’ve had public relationships before and I don’t love that. But I want to be clear here that with Cat I felt I owed us the chance to be private since this is my first serious relationship with a woman and I’m sure there will be some hoo ha about that. But I would never hide her out of shame.” London continued, “2.) It’s really easy for me, a privileged white woman who is 50, to suddenly say ‘I’m dating a woman’ with very few repercussions and I am well aware of that.”

She said, “Unlike me, there are countless people in the LGBTQIAP community who have had no choice in who they are, no love from family on which to lean, no support from anyone anywhere.” The brunette beauty told followers, “I fell in love, truly in love, with this beautiful, sexy, kind soul and I won’t apologize for that but I stand on the shoulders of a community that fought like hell for me to be able to do that openly and proudly and EASILY. It’s one thing to SAY Love is Love. It’s another thing to say Love is Passion and Devotion and Sex and mean it without shame or prejudice when talking about the same sex. So I used to date men. Now I date her. That’s it. That’s all I have to say.”

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