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Help me choose a dress! Trying on a bunch of formal, evening dresses for a charity gala I have this weekend. These would be great for any formal or black tie holiday function too!

Teeth whitener
Aero Self Tanner (I haven’t tried the new shades yet but dying to! I just use the original)

Black sequin dress (S) also comes in silver
Gold long sleeve dress (2)
Black velvet off the shoulder dress (2) also comes in burgundy
Gold/black lace dress (2)
Black strapless dress (XS)
Burgundy corset/off the shoulder dress (XS)
Also comes in blush:

Lip color: NYX Push Up
Nail color: ANC Cherry Wood
Bathrobe: TJMaxx

Mirror: craigslist!
Storage system:

*not sponsored + bought everything myself!




  1. i like your presenting skill ,so creative
    Hi viewers i am a fashion freak! like yo, would you like to start a journey with me?????????????????????
    i am boy who interested in ladies fashion

  2. You look beautiful on dresses 1,4 and 5. My mother has fallen in love with those dresses after watching your video. And now she wants to wear them. Love from India.

  3. i'm alittle late to the game but i love this video! super helpful. I'd like to order a dress to north america from the last shop (meshki), were there heavy duties and taxes?

  4. Acts.2.38 Peter said unto them repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ every single one of you for the remission of your sins and you shall receive the gift of the holy Spirit

  5. Will you look stunning in all the dresses but all the dresses were way too revealing but the prettiest one on you was the gold one the only thing you have to do to the gold is cover up the cleavage a little bit and close the split and you're good to go

  6. Awe good to know ty! Just seeing this honey. How was your gala (wonderful cause u did😔) which one did you wear the wine color perfect (also the black velvet & organza luv too) seriously you rock them all….wish I had longer legs lol always something hehe. ✨Happy 2029💃

  7. 3 5 6 I'm late on this video but those are my picks. Which one did you choose? 5 was the most fun I think it was flattering and looked so chic and comfortable. You look nice with your hair up ❤🙋‍♀️ and dark lip would look pretty.

  8. First of all… You look amazing in every single one of these dresses. The gold glitter one may not be a deep v like you like it but that scoop neck looks really good on you.

  9. The sequence ones are too…umm…shiny and out there for a charity event. The black one with balloons sleeves and the last burgundy one looks beautiful on you.

  10. This is an honest question, do anyone "normal" even have use for dresses like this? Like I get that I wouldn't have any use for them since I'm 16. But I've never ever seen anyone dress up like this. Idk feels like it's only for fancy and rich people, or like celebrities??

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