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Family Rift: Elizabeth Olsen Distances Herself From Sisters Mary-Kate & Ashley

Elizabeth Olsen hopes to become the most famous member of her family, so she is distancing herself from twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley, a source exclusively told

“Elizabeth wants to make her own name and she’s pushing hard to carve her own niche as an actress and now fashion designer, but it’s been hard to get independent deals because everyone just associates her with Mary-Kate and Ashley,” the source explained.

As Radar previously reported, Elizabeth is more game than her notoriously private sisters to dish the details on her personal life in order to achieve the goal.

“She’s a lot more open about her life than Mary Kate and Ashley these days,” an insider revealed last year. “She’s willing to sit down and do interviews with complete strangers, if it will sell a film of hers.”

Elizabeth, 30, is so serious about setting herself apart that “she’s moved from the 33-year-old twins’ stomping ground of New York to LA,” revealed the source.

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