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Ex-Fox News Star Courtney Friel Reveals Roger Ailes Made Her Twirl & Leered At Thighs

Former Fox News star Courtney Friel has told all about the network’s late head Roger Ailes‘ alleged harassment.

As the Daily Mail has reported, Friel, 39, has exposed in her new book Tonight At 10: Kicking Booze and Breaking News, how disgraced Ailes, who died in 2017, treated her like a piece of meat.

“When I would have meetings with Roger in his office (which had security monitors and a huge lock on the door), he would ask me to twirl for him,” she has written.

“He’d always tell me I was ‘the hottest one at Fox,’ and would compliment my legs. We weren’t allowed to wear pants, and if I was anchoring Fox & Friends on the curvy couch with the laptop screen blocking the view of my legs, Roger would call the control room and have the director tell me to shut it.”

Friel, who sometimes was a fill-in host on the hit Fox & Friends, claimed that staff at the network joked that Ailes suffered from DOMS – Dirty Old Man Syndrome.

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